My current breeding stock are the results of breeding a Turn Back Time grandson, Ch. Electra’s Remedy, to Timeless daughters, Electra’s This Magic Moment and Electra’s Plum Out of Time. New Champion Ravenkreke Snake Oil is sired by Remedy and out of a Turner daughter who is out of an Expose’ daughter. He raced to his title in 15 shows handled by Marj Brooks.

Ch. Electra’s The Cure recently finished and four other Remedy kids are pointed. They are Electra’s Uninsured, Electra’s Redemption, Black Coral Irreplaceable, and Black Coral This Girl’s Got To Play. Hopefully some of them will carry all of those carefully banked genes into the future.

My youngest litter is out of a Remedy daughter and sired by Ch. Electra’s Strong Medicine (Ch. Electra’s Antidote x Ch. Electra’s Always Timeless). They are doubled up on Timeless in a Bruce Lowe breeding pattern. Some may say “how can you continue to do such close breedings?” and I say, “How can I not?”

I have learned over the years that my stars in the show ring were not necessarily my best producers. I have bred many unfinished brothers and sisters of stars and some were able to better produce for the next generation.

I have survived through Doberman overpopulation and it’s current under-population.  Twenty years ago I never dreamed I would be competing with “rescue” groups for homes for my high quality pets. The PETa mentality has affected all of us and being a breeder today is certainly a lonely place to be.

Society has changed and I refuse to compromise my breeding principles. I am described as an elitist because I strive for the best.  My aim is always perfection.

My goals never changed, and yet it seems that all those around me changed. I have bred carefully and proudly produced a line that consistently breeds true to breed type. Correct breed type remains constant. You will never divert from it if you are a serious breeder

Tommie Jones, my mentor, was fiercely stubborn in her respect for the Standard. She said to me over and over “You must love the Standard — you can’t ever ignore it.”

We must respect our breed Standard and never again allow DPCA or AKC politics to control it. Faddish likes, dislikes, or political correctness must never control type. My mentors instilled in me that you must love the breed more than an individual dog if you are to do no harm.  First the Standard, second the Breed, and third the dog itself.